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Two weeks to go explaining our trip to visitors

Kairos 11 (we tend to just call her Kairos) is a Moody 336 sailing yacht with bilge keels. She measures 10.21 metres or 33 feet 6 inches (for those who prefer the non-metric version).

Having agreed we wanted to do some longer distance sailing, we needed to identify  a suitable boat which would sail well and safely whilst also providing comfortable living accommodation. We had enjoyed sailing our Westerly Konsort for the previous twelve years but decided it was time to go for something a little larger and something which would also give us a bit more comfort too, given our goals of sailing around the UK and then, a little further in the future, down the French canals and into the Mediterranean. We researched long and hard before deciding the Moody 336 was the best type of boat for what we wanted to do, as well as being suitable for our mooring at our current base in Mengeham Rythe, Hayling Island.

Having carried out own research and spoken to sailing club members, who had done similar trips, either alone or as a couple, we identified that around 34-36 feet would be the ideal size for the two of us to manage safely. We also decided that because of our style of sailing, depth of canals and the depth of water in our creek we also decided that we needed to go for a bilge keel boat. Having then viewed a number of different boats of different styles and ages we narrowed it down to one that we both liked and felt would work for us – the Moody 336.

Next challenge – find one for sale, in good condition and in our price range!

We were very lucky and didn’t have to wait too long before Kairos 11 became available at The Hamble. This was lucky as, in a mad life changing couple of months, we decided to downsize and sold our house but hadn’t quite found another in time for the move and we had also sold our Westerly Konsort too, so homelessness beckoned! However, one look around Kairos and we were sure she was the one for us, so on a gloomy day at the end of April 2015 we completed the sale, paid the money and moved onto her – and she was our home for the next 14 weeks.

We have not had one regret. She is a wonderfully comfortable boat and also sails amazingly well (for a bilge keeler) and does an average of 6-6.5 knots, without problem, thus knocking a substantial amount of time off our trips. Although built in 1990, she has a modern, sleeker shape and lots of comfort but still feels heavier and more substantial and therefore more secure in bouncy seas, than some of the lighter more modern boats.                                                                                                                                                                            We have spent a great deal of time getting her in the best shape for our trip – I can’t take the credit for the tech bits or hard labour – well done Simon and thanks to C&J Marine for all the lovely canvas work and Glen Hardy at Hardy Marine Engineering for work on the engine  – but I have ticked off the spreadsheet regularly as jobs are completed as a good Project Manager needs to do! The main thing is that having previously lived on her for some time, we also know we can survive (together)  on board for the length of our trip quite comfortably – so Kairos, here we go………

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The two of us in front of Kairos, displaying our NAS Round Britain Sailing Challenge banner – thanks Alan Goldsmith and Trever Anderson (Avalon Printing)