Dear Readers

By the time you are reading this post we will be sitting in Dartmouth or Salcombe enjoying a Devon evening and celebrating the fact the wind has finally settled down, the sun has come out and hopefully we will have enjoyed a long but uneventful passage west.

Although we have had a rather longer than expected stay in Weymouth we have come to love this little port with it’s traditional fishing boats, Georgian houses, windy back roads and the lively atmosphere – especially the dancing and music and music in the streets at the weekend.

It’s also been a good opportunity to visit the surrounding area and visit places that, until now, have just been interesting names such as Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove and Chisel Beach. we have encountered wild winds, torrential rain, watery sunshine, and cloudy skies but we have seen amazing scenery, walked some interesting pathways and enjoyed some good company, particularly over several litres of wine with Marion and Dermod on ‘Another Summer (Royal Southern YC). We have also been pleasantly surprised at the amount of older teenagers, families and adults who have all taken such a delight at the simple old fashioned  pastime of crabbing off the jetty.

We have seen our National Autistic Society total slowly begin to rise – many thanks to those of you who have donated so generously, it’s much appreciated. Hopefully now we are underway again we can raise awareness in some of the places we visit and the total will continue growing.

For now though it’s farewell to Dorset, it’s been a blast and hello to Devon – we’re on our way……













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