As the sun rose we departed down the creek from MRSC. Thanks to Julian Hickman for arranging for Jack to come with his drone and film us as we left Mengeham. Thanks also to Michael from the Club who joined us with camera for an early morning send off. After a lovely evening in the sailing club last night (thanks Sue Fox and Ray Davy for manning the bar) with friends, neighbours and family,  heads were a little fuzzy and the early morning start came a little too early but we were keen to start our travels and it was with a great sense of excitement and ‘at last, let’s get going’ that we made our departure.

Not for long though…we managed to travel around 200 metres to Black Can before the sea mist came in and we were encased in a huge grey cotton wool fog. Thinking it would be wise to stop rather than have a collision in the 15 minutes of our trip, we picked up a bouy to wait for the mist to lift, which, luckily, only took a few minutes and then we really were underway.

The rest of our trip to Lymington was calm, with a slight south easterly breeze which allowed us to fly our cruising chute for a while, before the wind dropped and the sun came out. We made a very controlled landing (fortunately) in front of lots of tourists on Lymington Quay and then spent the afternoon sorting out provisions, deciding what clothes we had brought that we actually didn’t need after all (so will be sending them home with Nichola tomorrow), drinking g&ts and snoozing in the sun – it’s hard, this long distance sailing, you know!

We also spent a bit of time taking some photos of our first day away – including some of the lovely gifts we had – some practical (thanks to Sue and Ray for the toilet brush and tins of chilli and potatoes), some not so practical but suitably indulgent (thanks Mum, Judy, Chris and Alan – flowers, champagne flutes, guest books and alcohol) and some not practical at all, but very funny (thanks Trevor – not sure when we’ll get to play the Jimmy Shand and Scotland the Brave LPs and hope we won’t need the 1995 UK B&B Guide but it’s the thought etc……).

It was nice to meet Jane from the National Autistic Society, Midlands branch,  who we had a lovely and very inspiring chat with on the pontoon yesterday – great to support such a worthy cause and thank you for sharing our story with your colleagues.

We are very lucky to have had some lovely messages and send off from BRYC and MRSC members who share our love of the sea but are maybe not as crazy as us – this summer anyway and we also need to thank Paul and Lesley for taking our car home, feeding the fish and, with Alan and Chris and Nic and Marcus, for looking after our house while we are away. – thank you all.

We’re having a family day here tomorrow with Jo, Nick. Nic, Marcus and the little people, then we will be heading off west, probably to Studland on Sunday. so thanks for reading and more to come early next week.

Please do keep following and sharing and checking out our JustGiving page and don’t forget you can track us on AIS – just download the Marine Traffic app and put in Kairos II

Battery nearly dead now, so must go now but goodnight from Kairos II and her crew xx


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