Since our first post last week, the days have flown by and as our departure date draws closer it’s time to reflect on how our preparations are doing and what’s left on the list to do before we leave.

It’s been a mad few weeks but we have made a lot of progress too. Our site is now being found by the search engines and donations to our JustGiving site have started to go up. The boat is just about ready and our bags are just about packed. There are still quite a few things to tick off our list, work to finish and family and friends to see before we leave but….. we’re on track and almost ready now.

Many thanks to C&J Marine, to Mengeham Rythe Sailing Club, Bognor Regis Sailing Club and Chichester College for sharing our flyer with subscribers, club members and college staff. This means our message has now gone out to around 10,000 via newsgroups, emails and Facebook posts and we are really grateful to everyone.

So, only five sleeps to go until we slip our mooring at 05.25 on Thursday 01 June. Look below and you will see our probable route around the UK – probable because all down to the weather! Looking good for a trip westward on Thursday at the moment – light winds, south easterly, sun and 18 degrees – could do with a bit more warmth but not a bad start.

Simon’s finger indicates our start point – Hayling Isand, out of Chichester Harbour,  turn right and into the Solent.

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