Welcome to our first Crazysails blog post.

With only eleven days to go until we begin our Round Britain Sailing Challenge we wanted to introduce ourselves, our boat (Kairos 11) and the charity we are supporting during our trip (The National Autistic Society). We hope you will spend a few minutes reading the pages on the Crazysails site, which will tell you all you need to know – for now!

Over the next few months we hope to share with you our tales of adventure on the high (but preferably calmer) seas and keep you updated with where we are and how we are doing with our fundraising efforts.

Although we having clothing for all eventualities -as above, we are hoping to get a bit of sunshine too (as below) and are looking forward to visiting some wonderful places around our coastline during our travels.

Of course we hope you will follow us on our blog but those of you who would actually like to track our progress live (yes, we are advocating a bit of marine stalking here) can download the Marine Traffic app and look for Kairos II. You can then see our position and where and when we are on the move.

And finally (for now), we do hope that you will help us support The National Autistic Society by visiting our JustGiving page and putting Simon and Helen Ward in the search bar then donating however much or little you can – any contribution, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.

Kairos 11 out.

IMG_2150 (2)






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